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Greetings and welcome to Aldarra. I am delighted to present this interactive story where your votes will play a vital role in shaping its direction. I will continue to write and narrate based on your input.


A new episode will be released every Monday through Friday, and voting will be open until 11 pm EST on the day of each episode's release. I sincerely hope that you find this story enjoyable and look forward to your participation.


Tie votes will be resolved with a dice roll, option 1 is considered the top option. 1-3 (option 1) 4-6 (option 2), if it's a 3 way tie 1-2 (Option 1) 3-4 (Option 2) 5-6 (Option 3),  Mobile users may experience issues with the accompanying GIF; therefore, a photo of the result will be provided.


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