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Greetings and welcome to Aldarra. I am delighted to present this interactive story where your votes will play a vital role in shaping its direction. I will continue to write and narrate based on your input.


A new episode will be released every Monday through Friday, and voting will be open until 11 pm EST on the day of each episode's release. I sincerely hope that you find this story enjoyable and look forward to your participation.


Hi guys! So, I came up with an entirely different concept for how to proceed with Aldarra to make it more entertaining to watch. So I'll be taking some time to reshoot/re-write the entire saga and re-edit it. Don't worry the story will mostly remain the same until episode 77, maybe some changes and fixes here and there though. Once it's released in it's new more entertaining format we will continue from there.


Tie votes will be resolved with a dice roll, option 1 is considered the top option. 1-3 (option 1) 4-6 (option 2), if it's a 3 way tie 1-2 (Option 1) 3-4 (Option 2) 5-6 (Option 3),  Mobile users may experience issues with the accompanying GIF; therefore, a photo of the result will be provided.

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Nathan Foss
Nathan Foss
May 29, 2023

Thanks for watching!

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